February is for Lovers

Well, it’s February and Valentine’s Day is coming, so I thought I’d spend the whole month blogging about food and love. After all, romance can be all year long–not just one day of the year! I hope you’ll join me on this month-long journey. I’ll share some recipes and fun suggestions about how to put a little more romance into your life every day.

Tom and I have been married for 28 years, and now that we have the Inn, we are together all day, every day. And there’s always more work to be done! It can be hard to make our relationship the priority we want it to be–to take the time to watch a movie together or go for a walk after dinner–and forget about all the “work” around us.

I’m sure that, like me, you can get so busy that it is easy to let days and weeks go by without spending quality time with your sweetheart or your kids. Look for an opportunity this month to stop the madness and focus on your special someone for a few hours. And if you need help getting into the spirit, why not come for a mini getaway here at the Inn? We’ll have fresh cookies waiting!

One thought on “February is for Lovers

  1. Alice, having been married for just over 34 years now (25 happy ones! LOL) I wish to concur that we must make our marriages a priority. Even OVER work. We have learned this the hard way through many years and some rough patches, but for us, (with God at the center) it has proven that if we are the priority, work is ALL THE BETTER! =)
    We had a throng of American Robins this morning —-HUNDREDS of them! Yesterday I heard them and a flock of Cedar Waxwings fly over. It reminded me of being up north! For us Floridians, it is surely a sign of Spring! You’ll see them in a few weeks…Keep lookin’ up!

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