Spring is coming!

We are excited about all of our winter projects around the house.   However we are growing tired of being stuck inside!

We are ready to plant flowers, and get back to sprucing up the outside!  We know you have cabin fever too, so now is a great time for a relaxing getaway!

Spring is wonderful here in South Bend

Happy Anniversary!

5 years ago today, we bought The Oliver Inn Bed and Breakfast! Tom and I sold most of what we had,  made a life change, and packed up our things and moved here to South Bend.  We love being Innkeepers! Living in downtown South Bend is great. Fabulous dining and entertainment all within walking distance.   Great museums and other family fun places, like Coveleski Stadium and the East Race!

If you get the chance to come and stay with us, we would welcome the opportunity to show you some hospitality!

We are glad we live in this historic neighborhood!

Relaxing Mornings

A relaxing morning breakfast at The Oliver Inn

A relaxing morning breakfast at The Oliver Inn

Would you use the words “calm” and “relaxing” to describe your typical breakfast? Probably not. We wake up and hit the snooze button, then race around trying to get everyone in the house out the door on time for work or school, and our day starts with a flourish.

Here at The Oliver Inn one of our goals is to help our guests escape the normal morning frenzy. Our dining room table is set with china and lace and beautiful silver candelabras. The grand piano in the library plays soothing music while guests enjoy a gourmet breakfast. In the winter months, there’s a fire going. And the final touch—no clocks in the dining room.

We would love to welcome you to our morning oasis sometime. But if you can’t come to the Inn, why not recreate your own version of a quiet breakast? Turn on soothing music—maybe the radio, a favorite CD, or your iPod. Light some candles and build in a little extra time. It could make all the difference in the rest of your day!